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        Welcome to JiangSu Acemien Machinery Co.,Ltd Web!
        JiangSu Acemien Machinery Co.,Ltd.

        We manufacture different kinds of plastic extrusion machinery

        We concentrate on PVC Roof Tile Machine , Plastic Roof Tile Machine , PVC Corrugated Tile Production Line 

        Agglomeration machine
        Agglomeration machin…
        Shredding machine
        Shredding machine
        Pipe winder
        Pipe winder
        TSK parallel twin-screw granulation production line
        TSK parallel twin-sc…
        PVC Granulation production line
        PVC Granulation prod…
        XPS foamed panel production line
        XPS foamed panel pro…
        PVC Crust foamed board production line
        PVC Crust foamed boa…
        PVC solid pipe production line
        PVC solid pipe produ…

        Add:No.2,Changhong Road,Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park,Zhangjiagang     City,JiangSu Province,China 


        Tel: 0086-512-58999380